Effective Venturing: Developing An Entrepreneurial Mindset

Developing the Mindset: View the World as a Series of Problems that need to be Solved

Entrepreneurs view the world differently. Aspiring business owners need to learn how to develop this unique sensory perception of the world around them. At its core, the unique view of the world can be simplified as “seeing the world around them as a set of problems awaiting a solution.” This is not to say that people who want to start a new business are pessimists — quite the opposite. Seeing the world as “problems” is another way of saying they see the “opportunity” in everything. An entrepreneur asks themselves one simple question: “How can we do (X) better?” One question kicks off a cascade of thought that at once focuses the entrepreneur on solving a problem, and having that solution become a business venture concept.

Designing Solutions to Problems

The venturing solution design consists of 4 distinct steps:

  • Ideation — designing a solution (developing a venture concept)
  • Implementation — developing a strategy (making the concept a reality)
  • Inspiration — defining the value (giving the venture meaning for customers)

Brainstorming to Optimize Solutions

  • Brainstorm your first list of ideas for addressing an opportunity — then work to improve them.
  • Evolve each idea and then brainstorm new and related ideas to expand your list further.
  • Repeat until at least 100 ideas have been generated. The more ideas the higher the probability of distinguishing a unique breakthrough solution.

Team RWB: Transforming a Unique Solution Into A Venture

Mike Erwin, founder of Team RWB, never envisioned himself as a social entrepreneur or activist. Yet in 2012, he found himself serving as the CEO of an organization with 15,000 members and 34 chapters.



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