Effective Venturing: Developing An Entrepreneurial Mindset

Developing the Mindset: View the World as a Series of Problems that need to be Solved

Designing Solutions to Problems

  • Inception — defining the opportunity (seeing a problem)
  • Ideation — designing a solution (developing a venture concept)
  • Implementation — developing a strategy (making the concept a reality)
  • Inspiration — defining the value (giving the venture meaning for customers)

Brainstorming to Optimize Solutions

  • Brainstorm your first list of ideas for addressing an opportunity — then work to improve them.
  • Evolve each idea and then brainstorm new and related ideas to expand your list further.
  • Repeat until at least 100 ideas have been generated. The more ideas the higher the probability of distinguishing a unique breakthrough solution.

Team RWB: Transforming a Unique Solution Into A Venture



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Will Brown

Will Brown

Entrepreneur, Marketing, and Business Strategy Professional. Adjunct Professor of Business and Entrepreneurship.